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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Super Swanky Swing Top Bottles

“Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” Remember that guy? That was one classy dude. I’m not sure what his plans were for that Grey Poupon mustard… maybe the world’s classiest hot dog? I bet he had some swanky … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Ginormous Stainless Steel Spoon

Nothing says, “I love you Dad” like a huge, shiny stainless steel spoon. Anyone reading this and thinking this is a joke does not understand the mind of a homebrewer. As Donald Trump might say, “This spoon is huge”. King … Continue reading

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The importance of naming your homebrew

I recently discovered this gem on the internet… a guide to finding your “Real Ale Name”. Or it could be used to name your next homebrew. So let’s see, I have V, S, June and H. That produces: Clogger’s Smooth Cock Dodger Alright, … Continue reading

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Smells Like Brew Day

I used to do a lot of black and white phoptography. For over 15 years, I would soak physical film and photo paper in chemicals and produce negatives and prints. It was monotonous and routine, and at the same time … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Yeast

Yeast can be such a confusing thing, and it’s so crucial to the success of your beer, I felt it was important to get a few things straight. In golf, they have a saying , “You drive for show and putt for … Continue reading

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T-shirts Are In… Pay No Sales Tax in 2015!

Bull City Homebrew has a tradition of t-shirts that save you money. They do more than make you look like like a rock star… whenever you wear it to the store, we’ll pay your sales tax for all of 2015. … Continue reading

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Hop AAUs, or “Homebrewing, why do you make me do math?”

I recently picked up a recipe from Brew Your Own for a SMaSH pale ale. In the ingredient list, it called for 12 AAU of Citra (1 oz @ 12% alpha acid), not a weight. This was new to me and … Continue reading

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