Father’s Day Gift Guide: Super Swanky Swing Top Bottles


“Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”

Remember that guy? That was one classy dude. I’m not sure what his plans were for that Grey Poupon mustard… maybe the world’s classiest hot dog? I bet he had some swanky homebrew to go with it too.

If you want to give a little style and sophistication to your homebrews, you need to check out Grolsch-style bottles, otherwise known as EZ cap bottles. They all have a built-in swing top cap and gasket that latches closed with a strong steel wire assembly, which means you never have to cap these bottles. The caps have a reusable rubber gasket which makes a very strong seal.

Remember though, if you do use these bottles for your homebrew, you will be required to wear a tuxedo on bottling day.

Why will the person I give it to think I’m awesome for giving it?

These bottles kind of speak for themselves. They’ll make bottling day really easy, and Dad will look like one charming homebrewer drinking out of them. The swing tops will last a lifetime, too, by simply replacing the rubber gaskets every so often. They’re a great addition to any Dad’s glassware.

Stop in and pick some up for Dad today!

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