Father’s Day Gift Guide: Ginormous Stainless Steel Spoon

kingkongspoonNothing says, “I love you Dad” like a huge, shiny stainless steel spoon. Anyone reading this and thinking this is a joke does not understand the mind of a homebrewer.

As Donald Trump might say, “This spoon is huge”. King Kong swatted down planes with this spoon. Andre the Giant could eat Honeycomb with this spoon. Did I mention it was really big? Your Dad will never be insecure about the size of his spoon again. It’s the barbarian broadsword of brew day. Put this piece of cold steel craftsmanship in your Dad’s hands and he will become a true brewing legend.

Why will Dad think I’m awesome?

Homebrewing Dads love their shiny metal objects. You can’t beat stainless steel… it’s easy to clean and strong, it’s a homebrewer’s best friend. You’ll see it on Dad’s face when he unwraps it, and the spoon glistens back at him. Dad will be very happy.

Stop in and pick one up for Dad today!

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