The 5-Gallon Disappearing Act

Remember when you bottled your first five-gallons of beer? Seemed like enough brew to last a lifetime. You created so much beer; it may have inspired you to conjure up a name for your home brewery. Nowadays, if I don’t siphon into the keg, all those bottles look like a mere six-pack. It’s not that my beer consumption has increased, if anything it’s decreased. Not gonna lie here by comparing myself to a rock star, but the truth is I’ve become a lot more popular since I started brewing.

case of beer selfie

A few homebrewed beers for:

– The neighbors

– The guys at work

– The homebrew club dubbed TRUB

– My brothers

– One of my brother’s in-laws

– The guy who cut my lawn when I was out of town

– The family who hosted the neighborhood party

– Friends

– The fellas who gathered for the last football game/fight/card game

– The homebrew contest

Supply depleted. Certainly not complaining that people enjoy my brews, in fact I love it. People asking for my beer – now that’s an ego boost. Like the Italian mama who rejoices when everyone eats her pasta – mangia! I beam like she beams when people consume, then nod in approval. I just never thought the seemingly endless array of bottles would disappear so quickly when I only drank a handful of them. And then most of the empty bottles don’t return, but don’t get me started on that.

So, to all you new brewers or potential brewmasters thinking, it will take forever and a day to get through all that beer unless I take a week off from work to go on a bender, fuggetaboutit. Just remember three things:

  • Save a few beers for yourself.
  • If everyone wants a piece of your product, you’re doing something right.
  • Think your beer vanishes quickly now? It gets worse (in a good way) when you trade bottles for a keg.
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