The importance of naming your homebrew

I recently discovered this gem on the internet… a guide to finding your “Real Ale Name”. Or it could be used to name your next homebrew. So let’s see, I have V, S, June and H. That produces:

Clogger’s Smooth Cock Dodger


Alright, so I won’t be using that name. Regardless, naming your beers is a really  important part of homebrewing that often goes overlooked. Will it change the taste of your final beer? No. Will it add to the fun of your homebrewing? Absolutely!

Imagine going into Sam’s Bottle Shop and seeing rows of beer where bottles had no labels and just said “IPA” or “Russian Imperial Stout”. Boring, right? Why do so many homebrewers treat their beer the same way? No name, no label… they just refer to it by the style. You’ve put all this hard work into making an incredible beer, and you didn’t do the fun part or personalizing it.

I’m not ashamed to admit that a lot of the beer I buy that I haven’t tasted before, I buy because it’s got a cool name. Zombie Dust? Sign me up. Sweet Baby Jesus? I’m in. Shelf space is limited and beer companies put a lot of effort into naming their beers to stand out in a crowd. Why not give your homebrews the same love? Many homebrewers think that bottling or kegging their beer is the finish line. Naming your beer is an important part of homebrewing, though.

  • Giving your beer a name makes it yours
  • Your homebrew’s name gives it personality
  • You can create a line-up of different beers where the names have a theme

Some of my favorite homebrew names have been:

  • Ctrl-Malt-Del: A belgian beer I made with my fellow software engineers
  • Thirsty Mule IPA: (shown above) An IPA I entered into the Lone Rider Brew It Forward contest
  • Fear No Roach Stout: (shown to the right) The very first beer I brewed with friends

There’s a ton of resources out there for naming your beers, too. Reddit has many posts with people’s homebrew names [link 1] [link 2], and Homebrew Talk always has people wanting to share what they’ve named their beer [link 1] [link 2].

So don’t make your homebrew go through life as a boring brown bottle of whatever. It would much rather be known as the “Hop Dominator IPA” or “Barrel Breaker Stout”. Not only will people enjoy your beer when they drink it, they’ll remember it long after.

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3 Responses to The importance of naming your homebrew

  1. These days, my beer names usually something like: BLl v BLs. I do have a couple classics I make often that have names, like Tiny Bottom Pale Ale, the there are those I’m just not clever enough to name before the keg kicks.

  2. Cool post and I agree. I think it is actually one of my friends favorite things about brewing with me, is that he gets to come up with a crazy name for the beer.

  3. Scott M. says:

    So true about the added fun in naming, even if you don’t make a label. Just putting the name’s initials on the bottle cap is good enough for most. Is that the infamous Joey the Roach on the stout label?

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