T-shirts Are In… Pay No Sales Tax in 2015!

Bull City Homebrew has a tradition of t-shirts that save you money. They do more than make you look like like a rock star… whenever you wear it to the store, we’ll pay your sales tax for all of 2015. That’s right, when we say “Read our lips, NO SALES TAXES”, we mean it and it’s a promise we’ll keep!

IMG_1385  IMG_1386

2015 t-shirts come in three styles; one with the longhorn skull ($20), one with our logo ($20), and a women’s cut athletic shirt ($25). Each shirt is available in small through 3XL. If you plan on spending some money on homebrew supplies in 2015, this shirt could easily pay for itself and much more.


Go ahead and let everyone know that you brew the beer you drink by wearing a Bull City Homebrew shirt. It’s a wearable coupon and a fashion statement, what could be more awesome than that?

Note: Both cotton t-shirts say “2015” on them. Only shirts with “2015” (or the women’s cut burgundy shirt) will be eligible for the sales tax discount. You must also be ACTUALLY WEARING your shirt for the discount to apply (throwing it over your shoulder does not count)!

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