Dress Your Carboy for Success

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post with safety tips for working with your glass carboys. One of the things I mentioned you should always do is using a Brew Hauler when moving your glass carboys around. The idea is that it evenly distributes the weight and pressure that the carboy experiences when you move it filled with your fermented beverage of choice. Never use a carboy neck handle to move a filled carboy!

The Brew Hauler is an awkward thing to use the first time you break it out, though. It looks like part dog harness, part bondage gear and/or camping accessory. Think of it as clothes for your carboy, and in order to move your carboy, you have to get it dressed. So here is a simple guide to dressing your carboy… for success!

Step 1: Unclip the buckle

The Brew Hauler has a clip, or buckle. In the picture, it’s clipped in my hand. Find the clip and undo it.


Step 2: Lay the Brew Hauler on the floor

Make sure you’re doing this part on carpet, or lay down a towel to work on. Find the bottom center of the strapping. This is the place where the straps cross over each other. Spread the straps out so it makes a nice asterisk looking pattern.



Step 3: Slide the straps underneath the carboy

Slightly tip the carboy away from the Brew Hauler. Slide the straps underneath so the place where the straps cross over each other is as close to the center of the carboy base as possible.


Step 4: Clip it up

Lift the strap with the clip ends up so that it comes together about halfway up the carboy. Clip the ends together and tighten it up… not super tight, just enough to get rid of the slack.


Step 5: Adjust the straps

Move the straps around the bottom of the carboy so they are evenly distributed. There are two loop handle straps attached to the strap with the clip. Pull up on those to cinch up the slack in the straps that run under the carboy.


You’re ready to go!

Your carboy is now ready for a night on the town, or at least a safe trip to the kitchen counter for racking. Homebrewing can be so much fun that it’s easy to forget that there are dangers. Please make sure that whenever you are moving your carboys that you get them dressed up in a Brew Hauler for the occasion. In the words of ZZ Top, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed carboy.” Or something like that.

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