Living the Dream: Your Home Brewery

Brew School at Bull City Homebrew

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It all starts with a six-pack and a dream. At first you wonder how hard it would be to make beer yourself at home. You’re a DIY kind of guy, how hard could it be? The answer is… EASY! So you enroll in a Brew School class at Bull City Homebrew. We teach you exactly how to take a simple equipment kit and a recipe kit and turn it into 5 gallons of delicious homebrew.

Bottling day assembly line

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Next thing you know, you’re sharing it with your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Pretty soon, a lot of people know you’re homebrewing, and they like the results. They want to know when you’re making more homebrew. Some of them even want to come over and help out. For your next batch, you’ve got friends lining up to pitch in. People are cleaning, measuring water and watching the pot for boil-over while you relax and have a homebrew. On bottling day, you’ve got friends filling, capping and marking your homebrew and it’s a big assembly line party.

Chest Freezer to Keezer Bull City Homebrew Style!

Freezer to Keezer

By now, people are chipping into the cost of your brewing for a chance to get in on it. Your ingredients are all paid for and you’ve got people to help brew and bottle. Where do you go from here? Simple… kegging!  You’ll need some kind of kegerator or keezer to serve your beer. Now whenever your friends come over, you’ve got fresh beer on tap. Your home brewery is starting to take shape. Soon, a single brew day turns into an opportunity to brew more batches; one for the keg, the other to give out and share.

Small Home BarBefore long, you out-grow the kegerator/keezer and you make a whole tap room in your bonus room or garage. You wouldn’t believe the fun of running a tap room… it’s like a twenty-something dream come true. But it’s really happening! You’ve got a small bar area, a few homebrew beers on tap, an entertainment system and all the finer ammenities of a home-brewery.

Was this a dream? Yes and no! Many have had the same dream and created it. It’s yours for the taking… you’ve just got to take that first step. Check out homebrewing and Brew School. Get your home brewery off the ground today! Your kitchen or garage could just be the next best brewery in the Triangle!

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