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Is your thermometer lying to you?

Really thermometer? I thought I could trust you… but no. You lied to me when I depended on you the most. As most off you know, temperature is so important in homebrewing. Whether you’re mashing, steeping grains or fermenting, being … Continue reading

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Living the Dream: Your Home Brewery

It all starts with a six-pack and a dream. At first you wonder how hard it would be to make beer yourself at home. You’re a DIY kind of guy, how hard could it be? The answer is… EASY! So … Continue reading

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Gift Guide: Stainless Steel Mash Paddle

More stainless steel! More stainless steel!!! It’s true, I love anything and everything stainless steel. Especially for things that are going to be seriously put to work. I remember back when I started brewing all-grain, I decided to start cheap … Continue reading

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Gift Guide: The Auto-Siphon… that’s what she said!

The auto-siphon is a replacement for a standard racking cane. Unlike the racking cane, it helps you get a siphon started when you transfer your beer or wort from one vessel to another. At a first glance, it’s the same … Continue reading

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