Why kids love our homebrew store… the Treasure Box!

Oh, I can remember the look on my kids faces when I told them they needed to go to the homebrew store with me to pick up ingredients for brew day. It’s the same look my dog gives me when she knows she’s going to the vet. The worst part was having to rush through buying what I needed, when I really wanted to browse and still had some questions to ask. It stunk!

Well NO MORE! At Bull City Homebrew, we’ve taken a page out of my childhood dentist’s book… we got a Treasure Box!

Kids Treasure Box at Bull City Homebrew!

If you’re coming to the store and you’re bringing your kids, make sure to tell them that if they give Mom and Dad a chance to do their shopping in peace, they’ll get to pick something amazing, of their choice, from the Treasure Box! They can even browse all the fabulous cash and prizes while you take your time shopping (ok, there’s no cash). Kids already familiar with the Treasure Box will be happy to know that the treasure selection has gotten a really nice face-lift too.

We want the homebrew store to be a place that everyone looks forward to coming to… kids included! You’ll get to take your time, the kids get a cool prize and we don’t have to worry about anyone pretending the stainless steel mash paddle is a golf club. Win, win, win!

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