Gift Guide: Vinator Bottle Sanitizer and Bottle Tree

Cleaning bottles is one of the least fun parts of homebrewing, but if you’re bottling your beer, you’ve got to do it. One tool that’s made bottle cleaning and drying much easier is the Vinator Bottle Sanitizer and Bottle Tree.

Vinator Bottle Sanitizer and Bottle TreeThe Bottle Tree is really made of two parts; the Vinator Bottle Rinser and the Bottle Tree Drainer. The washer typically stays at the top of the tree and has a nozzle that sticks straight up which is the size of a beer or wine bottle opening. There is also a basin that goes around the bottom that holds a cleaning or sanitizing agent, such as PBW (cleaning) or Star San (sanitizing). You take a bottle and put it upside down on the nozzle, and then push down quickly several times. This blasts a stream of the solution in the basin straight into the bottle. This high pressure stream is great for blasting junk off the bottom of a bottle or for making sure that you’re covering the surfaces with sanitizer.

Once you’re done with the nozzle, you can put the bottle upside down on one of the arms of the tree to dry. As the bottles drip dry, there is another basin at the bottom of the tree to catch any run-off. If you are sanitizing, make sure that the arms have been sanitized before putting the bottles on them.

Just look at it! It’s just begging for some lights, a garland and a star on top!

How much does it cost?

The Vinator Bottle Rinser is $19.50. The bottle trees come in 45 bottle size for $18.50 and the 90 bottle size for $45.50.

What do I say when I give this to look super-knowlegdable?

“I know what a pain it is to clean and sanitize your bottles. Now you have an easy way to do it and let them dry.”

Why will the person I give it to think I’m awesome?

The bottle tree is not a required homebrewing thing but it makes a difficult, unfun process a lot more bearable. It’s little things like this that let the homebrewer in your life get through the work quickly and back to what they really love to do… brewing!

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