Gift Guide: Extra-Large Funnels

Unless you have the aim of an elite sniper, you will need some type of very large funnel to pour anything into a carboy, the opening is just too small. Racking liquid into a carboy is easy… you can put the hose right into the opening. Pouring something into a carboy is an entirely different skill set, though.

We carry two different types of large funnels which are perfect for the job. The first one has a splash guard on one half of it. This extra wall around the back edge of the funnel is designed to keep wort or beer from splashing over the side. The other kind is wider and deeper, but has no splash guard on it.

Large Funnels

Both funnels come with screens that are fitted to sit near the bottom of the funnel to filter whatever you’re pouring through them. These filters are not attached permanently and come out easily for cleanup, or if you just don’t want to filter when you pour. These filters are perfect if you like to remove most hop or spice debris before fermentation.

This gift is perfect for both homebrewers and wine makers. You should make sure that the person you’re giving this to already has a carboy, because that’s what they are primarily used to funnel into.

How much do they cost?

The 8 inch funnel with the splash guard costs $11.90, and the 12 inch funnel costs $9.40.

What do I say when I give this to look super-knowlegdable?

“I know it’s difficult to pour anything directly into your carboy. Now you can do it easily with this funnel, and you can even filter your beer and wort while you pour it.”

Why will the person I give it to think I’m awesome?

Pouring liquid into a carboy is a real problem that these funnels solve. Additionally, they can be used to filter wort and beer, which most homebrewers like to do already. Whoever you give this to will really appreciate you trying to make their homebrewing or wine making process easier.

Check out other ideas in our Bull City Homebrew Holiday Gift Guide. New stuff added every day!

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