Gift Guide: Star San Sanitizer

There are homebrewing things you’d love to have but aren’t necessary. Then there are homebrewing needs… the things you just can’t live wothout. To us, Star San is one of those that fall into the “need” column. Sure, there are other sanitizers out there, and you can
always use diluted bleach, but all of those things fall short of Star San.

Star San sanitizer, a "must have" item

If you don’t use Star San, start taking notes because this product will change your homebrewing. It foams similarly to soap, but the famous mantra of Star San users is, “Don’t fear the foam.” It’s also a no-rinse sanitizer, which means that you don’t have to rinse off that foam before you use whatever you just sanitized. So you just sanitized your carboy and it’s full of foam… no problem, rack your beer right into it. Your fermenting bucket has foam all over it… perfect, go ahead and pour your wort right in there. The foam is a good thing and has no negative effects on your beer or wort (unless you are an unwanted bacteria).

Remember, cleaning is not sanitizing. You must clean first, then sanitize. We recommend Star San to everyone at the store, and we all use it ourselves. Make a sink full of diluted Star San solution in your kitchen sink and wipe down everything that touches your beer or wort, and you’ll be amazed with the results.

How much does it cost?

There are multiple size bottles which cost between $10.99 and $23.99.

What do I say when I give this to look super-knowlegdable?

“I know how important sanitizing is when you homebrew, so I got you some Star San to make it really easy.”

Why will the person I give it to thnk I’m awesome?

Homebrewers generally love to brew beer and hate to clean and sanitize. Anything that makes sanitizing easier makes a great gift. Star San not only makes sanitizing easy, it’s incredibly effective. With different size bottles, you can give it as a full gift or as a stocking

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