Gift Guide: Stainless Steel Racking Cane

Stainless steel racking caneAs a homebrewer, I love shiny metal objects, to the point where I wish everything I own was stainless steel. It’s like the silver and gold of homebrewing… the material that’s so easy to clean and such a joy to use.

Racking beer is the process of moving beer from one container to another, such as a bucket or carboy. Homebrewers have to do this all the time. One of my favorite upgrades has been my stainless steel racking cane. First off, it gets used several times for every single batch of beer I make. I also like it when the racking cane and the tubing have a nice tight fit, and I’ve broken two plastic racking canes so far trying to wrestle with the hose and and the curved end of the cane. Never a problem with the stainless steel cane.

Another thing I love about it is that it just feels professional. Now, that may sound silly, but it can’t be overstated. There is just something magical about the feel of stainless steel in your hand that plastic parts can never deliver.

What level of homebrewer would use it?

Homebrewers of all levels would use this.

How much are they?

There is a 24″ one for $12.99, and a 30″ one for $15.00.

What do I say when I give this gift to make me look super-knowledgeable?

“I know homebrewers love stainless steel, and since you use your racking cane all the time, I thought this would be perfect for you!”

Why will the person I give it to think I’m awesome for giving it?

The next time you’re in the store, check it out. See how it feels in your hands. The person you give this to will feel like a head brewmaster when they use it. It’s an upgrade to a homebrewer’s current gear that will make them smile the next time they use it to rack their beer.

Check out other ideas in our Bull City Homebrew Holiday Gift Guide. New stuff added every day!

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