Gift Guide: Locally Produced Raw Honey

In 2012, the White House did something it had never done before… they brewed beer. Now, we can put politics aside long enough to all agree that this is a cool thing. Homebrewing was featured on the national stage, and that’s a good thing. The theme of the two beer recipes released by the White House was honey, produced by the on-staff apiarist, or the keeper of the bees.

Honey from Bee Keeper Randall Austin

If you’re considering making a honey beer recipe, or any kind of mead, you are in for a treat. Randall Austin is a local Master Beekeeper in Rougemont, NC, and he has packaged up his top shelf honey for sale at our store for your homebrewing needs. This isn’t the kind of honey you find on the shelves of Kroger. This is real, raw, unrefined honey straight from the honeycomb.

If you’ve ever thought about brewing with honey or making a mead, you need to give this honey a try. Leave the plastic bear bottle on the shelf and pick up some of this pure honey… you won’t be disappointed.

Randall Austin

NCSBA Master Beekeeper

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