Review: Bottle Mark Caps

In our Brew School class, we tell people that it’s always a good idea to take a sharpie and write something on the caps after you’ve bottled your beer so that you know what’s in it. Let’s be honest though… some sharpie marks on a cap doesn’t look that great and won’t do anything to impress someone you give your beer to. Although, if you give free beer to someone and they’re not impressed, you may want to think twice about giving future homebrew to that person.

A few months ago I was introduced to Bottle Mark, which came up in a homebrewing community I go to often. Bottle Mark makes custom bottle caps. They have pre-designed caps, or best of all, you can design your own cap in a graphic editor like Gimp or and upload it.  That means that you can put anything you want on your bottle cap. Their printing is in full color, too, so if you can imagine it, you can put it on a label.

The price is actually one of the best features. They charge $0.12 per cap, so for a 5 gallon batch with 12 oz bottles, you’re talking about $6 + $4.22 for shipping, or around $10 total for custom caps. That’s pretty good! You can see their shipping rates here.

A few months ago, we ordered a bunch of Bull City Homebrew caps to turn into magnets that we give out at the store. We designed two different styles…

We were really impressed with the quality. The resolution is very sharp, and there’s no pixelation in the printed image. The paint is tough too. I was not able to scratch it off with my fingernail, so they hold up very well to normal use. They are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them in a cooler of ice water. I tried bottling about 10 bottles with them and they behave just like you would expect a normal crown cap to work. There were no leaks and all of the bottles conditioned and carbonated well.

If you like having a nice, finished look for your beer, I highly recommend these. They are also perfect if you are brewing your beer for something like a wedding, where the cap can be a nice keepsake from the event. They are also great if you have your own brewery name and/or logo that you’d like to put on all of your homebrews.

If you’re interested in getting a set of these for your next batch, we have special cards that you can pick up in the store that will give you a 10% discount code to use when you place your order. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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