Not beer, not wine… it’s Skeeter Pee!

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment with fermenting things that you’d never really thought to ferment before. If you haven’t heard of it before, I’d like to introduce you to Skeeter Pee.

Don’t let the name turn you off, this is a refreshing lemon wine that is some of the easiest drinking hooch that may ever come out of your fermenting bucket. It’s even got its own facebook page. A word of warning though, as the web site says, it sneaks up on you. It tastes light and lemony and refreshing, then the next thing you’re passing out behind the bushes you were just trimming. BEWARE!

Here’s the recipe. It’s pretty straightforward and reads more like a wine recipe than a beer recipe. One thing that the Skeeter Pee web site makes clear, and many others have confirmed, is that it can be difficult to get the fermentation going due to the acidity of the lemon juice. They recommend using the lees, or slurry, from a prior wine fermentation (the trub, in beer terms). At the very least you should make an aggressive starter. Some people make the recipe and gradually add the lemon juice as the fermentation progresses to keep the initial acidity down. The recipe doesn’t suggest a particular yeast, but most people have had luck using Lalvin EC-1118. The FAQ also recommends Red Star Premier Cuvee, but any type of champagne or wine yeast should so well.

This is the perfect thing to brew for those who want to try something a little different, or maybe have a significant other that doesn’t like beer or wine.  Like Lon, the creator of Skeeter Pee says, “The only thing better than a batch of Skeeter Pee is a BIGGER batch of Skeeter Pee!” How can you not want to brew this?  Stop by Bull City Homebrew and pick up the ingredients you need to brew up a batch of this today.

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