The gift that keeps on chilling

Christmas in August.  Santa Scott (one of four other Scotts I brew with) brought a homemade wort chiller down my chimney.  Other than its assigned quarters – the shed – Coolio is on the fast track to BFF status.   Copper tubing, three clamps, a hose adapter + tools = voila: no more ice needed to cool your wort.  No more long wait for the big chill.  Move up the start time for your billion buddies of yeast to get busy.

We inserted Coolio into the brew pot last weekend, after the boil.  Hooked it up to the garden hose, now keep in mind it’s 90+ degrees outside.  Hose gets the water into the tubing in the pot, then comes out the other side.  Proving ground results: the wort cooled from 200 to 100 degrees in 8:33 – again, in 90+ degree heat.  Imagine how quickly the wort temperature will plummet in fall and winter weather!  Talk about catching a cold.

Looking online, immersion wort chillers run from mid $40s to almost $90, that’s before tax and shipping.  You can buy materials for probably around $20-$30 while putting another notch in your DIY belt.  Check YouTube, Google, etc. for instructions.  Also,  don’t forget to sanitize before sending it down to the depths of your pot to mingle with your latest concoction.

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3 Responses to The gift that keeps on chilling

  1. Chris says:

    This is one of the best first DIY project for any home brewer for sure! I made one with 50-feet of 5/8″ copper for less than $80, which is pretty good considering the price of copper.

    Now that I have a counterflow (talk about rapid chilling!) chiller, I think I am going to re-purpose the immersion chiller as a pre-chiller for the hot tap water ’round these parts in the summer time. That way, the water going into the counterflow is ice-cold!

    One thing to remember is that you will just need to give your immersion chiller a good cleaning before use, then just drop it into your boil with about 15 mins to go. The boiling wort will sanitize it! Then just scrub off any hoppy residue once you finish.

    Let me know when all of you “Scotts” brew, and maybe we should do a Bull City Home Brew & NC Home Brewing collaboration brew sometime!

    • Scott H says:

      Sounds cool, Chris! We were sorry to miss your get together at Bub O’Malley’s last week, but we’ll do our best to get to the next one. Keep up the great work over at your blog.

  2. Chris says:

    PS, anyone looking for some instruction on how to put one of these together (let’s face it, it’s pretty easy, but some people like the step-by-step) check it out: Build an immersion chiller!

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