What to do with your spent grain…

We always enjoy the grains that go into our homebrews… but do we really get the most out of them? As if delicious wort wasn’t enough, people use spent grains to make lots of things. Here’s a few ideas you can use to make your grains go even farther.

Spent grain bread

1. Make bread – There are tons recipes for making spent grain bread on the internet. Most people are very surprised at how easy this is to make. It’s incredibly delicious, especially with some butter or honey, but also by itself. Some people take a similar recipe and use it to make pizza dough, too.

homebrewtalk.com recipe
realbeer.com recipe
Instructables recipe
Jim Norton (from Heavy Table) recipe

2. Make dog biscuits – Don’t forget man’s best friend!  While you enjoy your beer, your pooch can enjoy some tasty snacks.

Reddit dog biscuit recipe

Warning: Be careful not to include hops. It is toxic to dogs. Most people don’t put hops in the mash, though.  Also, although I have not made this recipe, I have heard that it can really ‘turbocharge’ your dog’s digestive system.  Beware!

3. Breakfast bars – Put back those chocolate chip high fructose corn syrup breakfast bars and try something a little more organic.

jessfuel.com breakfast bar recipe

Warning: Do not store these in an airtight container. Although most of the water is driven off during baking, there will still be enough moisture for mold to grow on them. Keep ’em out in the open!

4. Cookies – Spent grains are for cookies, that’s good enough for me.

omnomicon.com cookie recipe

5. Composting – We often take all of our spent grains and put them into a compost heap. The only thing I’ll say is that it stinks to high heaven while it’s decomposing.  It’s a good idea to spread them on the ground and rake them in to avoid neighbors complaining about the smell.

ehow on composting spent grains

6. More? There’s lots more good sites with ideas about using your spent grains.  So what do you guys do with them?

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2 Responses to What to do with your spent grain…

  1. Chris says:

    These are some GREAT ideas. A friend of mine works at AleWerks Brewery in Williamsberg and he said sometimes they’ll just sprinkle some sugar on the spent grain while it is still hot from the mash/sparge water and eat it like oatmeal!

  2. Chris says:

    Wanted to trace back to this post and give you guys a shout out for the inspiration. With the Kolsch we just brewed for Brew Durham, we used the spent grains to make “Kolsch Kookies”, check it out: http://bit.ly/rlGK7b

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