Wall-to-wall grains

Literally!  We have wall-to-wall grains at Bull City Homebrew. In my last post, I introduced the Monster Mill, and this week I’d like to show you the room it lives in… the Grain Room. As homebrewers ourselves, we wanted to offer the best selection of grains around, so we knew we had a lot of work to do when we moved into the new location.  The grain room is still a work in progress, but it still makes me smile like a kid in a candy store whenever I walk into it.

The Grain Room (click for bigger picture)

There are currently over 40 types of grain available, and each type is kept in its own airtight bin to keep them fresh.  There’s a label on each bin to let you know what type it is, what it’s Lovibond rating is (darkness) and what that type of malt is typically used for.

I think my favorite part is being able to buy fractional amounts of any type of grain.  You may remember the days when you had to buy a 1 pound bag of chocolate grain even if you just wanted 4 ounces of it.  Now you can take as little or as much of whatever grains you want, and that’s what you pay for.  No more half used bags of specialty grains littering up your place!

Grains are the backbone of whatever beer you make, and we never want to have to tell a homebrewer, “we don’t carry that type”.  Stop by the grain room the next time your in the store and let us know if there’s anything we can do to make it even better.

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