Fun at the Museum of Life and Science

We recently got to go to the Museum of Life and Science to talk to people about making their own wine. The event was called “The Science of Wine” and was part of their Science Socials events.  Although it was pretty much a tasting event, we managed to get the thumbs up from the event coordinator who very graciously allowed us to participate on last minute notice.

We were on the top floor towards the back of the museum, which was great for two reasons… we had some extra time to set up and prepare, and people had already had several glasses of wine by the time they got back to us.  Eventually more and more people showed up, curious about what our booth was all about (and why we had no wine to pour).

After people got over the initial disappointment of not getting more to drink, most were very interested in what we were showing. This is what makes these events so much fun; getting to know new people, most of whom have never experienced making their own wine before.  Some people are interested in the social side, some the hobby side, but nearly everyone was interested in the price side.  It’s tough to argue against making great wine for about $2.25 a bottle.

We’d really like to thank the great people at the Museum that put this event together and let us join in the fun.  We’d also like to pour a glass to the people who stopped by and listened to what we were talking about; thank you!  I so much fun to make wine and beer, and it’s these moments of getting together and meeting new people that have me in love with this great hobby.


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