Beer steins: Not just for decoration

There are some things that enhance the flavor of beer without actually changing the flavor of it at all. The one we’re most familiar with is the flavor of beer you’ve made yourself. I know I’ve had some so-so batches that I still completely enjoyed just because I’d created it myself. Another thing that makes beer taste better is the right cup. I’m not talking about the red plastic cup found on beer-pong tables, I’m talking about a proper way to hold your beer… a stein.

Some people like fine glassware when they enjoy their beer. But to me, no glass can match the experience of flipping the pewter lid of a stein and drinking delicious homebrew from it. They’re solid, and thick and they make you feel like you’re holding onto something of great importance. The artwork is amazing on them, usually showing a scene from some beautiful city or some tale of hunting in the wilderness. The lid is the icing on the cake, though, and flipping it open before you take a sip adds an extra special touch to the experience.  There’s lots of online stores that sell them, and ebay always has a ton of them at a really good price.

So without further ado… my favorite stein!

Yes, I realize that my geek is showing here. I just love Star Wars, and when I found a Star Wars stein, it instantly brought together two of my all-time favorite things. Inside the lid, it even has, “May the force be with you” etched in pewter. I drink from this stein whenever I can, and yes, my homebrew tastes an order of magnitude better when I do.

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