Jingle Bells 2011:Christmas in February, Really

We have discovered in these days of trying to live more simply, as opposed to amassing all the stuff possible and running the risk of appearing on “Hoarders,” wine is the perfect gift. (Yes, you know what I am talking about here when I talk about the gifts of stuff, aka s@#$ I would never buy for myself no matter how good the deal is.)

One example of stuff, I still have a beautiful enormous aqua glass something given as a wedding present by someone who shows up and sees it periodically. It is that one piece of glass that refuses to break and I don’t dare re-gift it. Ah, but wine, even if the receipients don’t drink, they can always entertain you with a glass or three of your gift. And if you are drinking kit wine, you don’t even need to run the risk of having an acquired headache the next morning.

So, in the name of simplicity, the environment, and what we hold dear and holy, I suggest that you follow my example and make your X-mas gifts now. Patrick and I just put up 50, 375 ml bottles with professional labels and capsules (the sleeves over the top and neck). Figuring a $78 kit, two sets of labels, and the capsules, and the tax, it comes to about $1.92 per bottle + the cost of the bottle. I haven’t figured in the bottles as you may choose to save or collect your own bottles or buy them from Bull City Homebrew to save you the hassle. Of course you might want to make some full 750 ml bottles for those people who expect more, case in point, your boss. Additionally, imagine giving your in-laws 4 big bottles of wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon that you have paid less than $10 for and they’d feel lucky, loved, and grateful. Get them to drink it all starting Christmas morning and that Christmas obligatory 52-hour day could just fly by.

It’s Valentine’s Day, time to get your 2011 X-mas shopping out of the way. I for one am ready.

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