Milk labels, surprisingly awesome

I just tried using the milk and paper method for making beer labels, and it worked way better than I ever expected. I know this is not a new thing, but wanted to post my results. Here’s the steps for those who haven’t tried this:

  1. Use a laser printer (this is importent) and normal office paper to make your labels, then cut them out. I made 8 labels per sheet.
  2. Using a bowl of skim milk, submerge one label at a time. It must be skim milk to keep the bottles from stinking after drying.
  3. Once the label is drenched, apply it to the bottle and use a paper towel to pat it down and soak up the excess milk.
  4. Repeat…

After drying, the labels looked fantastic and they stick perfectly to the bottles, no loose corners or anything.

I tried washing one off too, and they come off clean in about 5 seconds under warm water leaving no residue (like you’d get with a sticker). I had low expectations when I started this, but was completely impressed by the results.

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  1. Scott H says:

    Just wanted to mention that we will be bringing some of this to the next TRUB meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 8th at Satisfactions. We felt awful that we couldn’t give it out at the store, hopefully some people who wanted some will be able to stop by and grab some.

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