Let’s keep it local in Durham

I was really inspired by carpedurham’s tweeting about the whole Sustainabull movement the other day.  The idea behind Sustainabull is that you try to buy locally in Durham when possible.  When you do that, money flows back into our community and we grow together.  It may sound like a lot of Kumbaya nonsense, but it’s an important point that’s being made.  Durham is the source of a lot of great stuff.

When we brew, we like to try other beer that matches the style that we’re brewing.  For beer, Sam’s Quick Shop is the place to go to get whatever specialty beer you’re looking for.  The selection they offer is better than any other beer store, and their knowledge of the beer on hand is deep.

When it comes to wine, Wine Authorities is the place to go.  They have a great selection, and are very helpful when you’re trying to pair a wine with a particular food.  They are also opening Bull City Burger and Brewery early next year.

And then there’s Fullsteam, an amazing brewery right here in our own back yard.  These are the guys that pushed Pop the Cap several years ago and continue to be the backbone of the Durham brewing scene.

What I’m trying to say is… before you go to a chain store, consider all of the fantastic businesses we have here that originated in Durham. When you buy beer or wine from those places, you support Durham becoming a brighter star on the map.

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