Four Scotts

Enjoyed bottling and brewing yesterday. A vanilla porter, with the vanilla beans bathed in brandy, is quite possibly the perfect holiday brew. Gonna be a long 2-3 weeks to wait for that baby.

Four guys named Scott gathered to delve into the partial mash world after the aforementioned bottling. The mission: create an oatmeal stout on par with the top-selling microbrews. We had a few on hand to conduct proper research: something from Bell’s, New Holland, plus a few more as I recall.

Twas a nice change from our traditional extract brewing. We’ll see if controlling the malt profile a bit more results in superior taste. No doubt it’ll be awesome.

Scott #4, aka “Blue Scott” wants to matriculate in Homebrewing 101. Little did he know his first lesson was not exactly a course for underclassmen. Nonetheless, he’ll be a fine addition to our brew crew. Now we just need one more Durham-based Scott to link up with us to eclipse our record.

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