Love in a Bottle

To create friendships while chillaxing over homebrew is pretty darn cool.  Add in the concoction of tasty brews worthy of worship from friends and strangers, and you’ve got recipe for perhaps the finest hobby in the history of the universe.

We started once upon a time with a Mr. Beer kit.  The quality of our products went south. Parts needed replacing.  Walked into a homebrew shop (shack) on Miami Blvd. to get linked up with gear.  That night we were hooked.  About a month later  we sampled our first batch – true love in a bottle.

At one point there were four guys named Scott compiling our first brew crew.  While one Scott faded, an upstart, Scott “The Prodigy” Hackett, became a brewing superstar.  After acing his final examination, which included eating a roach named “Joey,” he became a made man.  Soon, wives got involved, there was a website, t-shirts, wristbands, competitions, etc.   Neighborhood groupies wanted in – but not being a true Scott limited their involvement – there were togas, kegs filled with our homebrew, an outdoor fort as a haven for imbibing…

Here’s hoping others find the wonder of homebrewing to become sultans of suds.

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