How homebrewing found me

It’s so interesting to look back at where you’ve been and think about all the little things that happened in a particular order, or things that turned out this way or that, that all led to where you are now.  I really like to homebrew now, but three years ago I couldn’t have cared less what kind of beer I had in my fridge.  So, as David Byrne asks, how did I get here???

It all began when my son started school and met his best friend.  Pretty soon after that, I met his parents, Scott and Sarah, and I realized that I had found my own set of new best friends.  It’s almost like the planets aligned at that moment… they had neighbors named Scott and Wendy, and together they all homebrewed as “Skotz Brewery”.  So, being a kindred Scott, they invited me over to make a batch with them.  It wasn’t long before I helped bottle that, and then did another batch with them.

Pretty soon, I was being inducted as an honorary Skot.  My job was to design and direct the making of a new batch of beer.  It was a beautiful stout, and at the end of the brewing, my final task was to… ahem… eat “Joey”, a six legged critter that had somehow gotten bottled into our last batch.  I won’t gross anyone out with the details, but I did survive, and I officially made my first ever beer that night, named “Fear No Roach” stout.

Since then, there have been toga parties, half marathons, lots of chicken wings and many more batches of beer made together.  To me, this is what homebrewing is all about… not so much the beer itself, but the good times you have brewing it, and the friends you meet along the way.

Now, Bull City Homebrew starts a whole new chapter for me; being a part owner of the same homebrew store where I bought the ingredients to make that first batch.  Nate, the guy that helped me with the recipe is still working up front at the store full time.  And now Kitty, our other business partner and wine expert, has become a part of the continuing story too.

So here’s to homebrewing and the crazy places it’s taken us!  I can only imagine that the next three years will be even more amazing.  Cheers!

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